2017 Offspring, Blank Bottle

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Country: South Africa

Region: Western Cape

Type: White

Producer: Pieter Walser

Grape: Chenin Blanc and Semillon

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2017

Alcohol: 13.5%

Tinned pineapple, honeycomb and tuckshop blackjacks. Just a hint of vanilla on the nose. Fresher on the palate, but gets headier in the glass with time. Spiced baked fruits and cinnamon finish.

The Story:

'Darling Chenin blanc and Elgin Sémillon. 'Come November each year, my mind is mostly made up about which components in the cellar is destined for which wines - a thought (and tasting) process that takes months to complete. I know it’s hard to empathise with my situation, but the fact that we pick grapes from roughly 60 different vineyards all over the Western Cape really doesn’t make this an easy process. When the grapes come into the winery, each vineyard is made and kept separate in the winery - all unique in character - and then within each batch, every barrel has its very own personality. So the first step is to decide which components we don’t like. These we pump into a tank and sell off as bulk wine. We then set the single vineyard/varietal-specific wines aside. After this, we get to work on the blends. We taste in the mornings, we taste at night. We taste at full-moon and at new moon. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, less of this, more of that…In the end we bottle up to 17 different white wines in one year. When this process is complete, we always have components left. Components that have unique characteristics, but due to a clash in personalities did not make it into a blend. We then make up one last white blend of that year’s vintage: the offspring of the winery for the year. Like our kids, each offspring contributes in its own way to the family - a blend made up with no preconceived ideas or goals in mind.' Pieter Walser Winemaker