The "Let's Try Something New" Case

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Let me take you on a journey via the medium of wine. This case has been created to explore some of the lesser known wine regions, producers and grape varieties.

Wine culture is ingrained into almost every society. It is as old and important as any cultural and social institution. This case has been put together to celebrate those different cultures, featuring wines and producers that you will not see on the shelves of most wine shops.

For this first case I have worked with Pandemonium wines who specialise in wines from Sloval and Czech prodcuers. They work closely with their producers, picking each by hand and developing personal relationships with them.

These wines represent some of the finest natural wines coming from this region. Some of the grapes you may recognise, others you will not. The winemaking techniques are highly traditional, repspecting the grape and the environment from which the wines are born.

This is what we have selected for this first case:


Weinschloss Malatschek - Zierfhandler Roth

Pivnica Cajkov - Sauvignon Creme


Vdovjak - Mephisto

Sklep58 - Muskat Moravsky


Živé Víno -Karmazín 2015

Sklep58 - Himmel Laurot

The wines will come with some tasting notes and info on the winemakers, so you can learn about the wines as you enjoy them.

You will not regret choosing this case, just open you mind and take the plunge into a whole new world of wine.